The Best Distraction-Free Writing Tool: FORCEdraft

I have a new writing application on my computer. It’s very simple, one of those ‘distraction-free’ gimmicks. Except this one goes a step further…it literally FORCES you to keep writing until a pre-specified limit is reached.

Well, let me tell you how difficult this thing is. You can’t copy and paste. You can’t Alt-Tab out. You can’t even Ctrl-Alt-Delete! You can’t do anything¬†except get something written.

I can’t do anything with this computer until I write 100 words. I set the limit lower earlier, because I didn’t want to end up accidentally needing to write War And Peace, and I’m glad I did.

I was literally forced to write a good testimonial because this software is the best distraction free writing tool out there. For people who are too distracted by their laptop, need to type something, and don’t want to install complicated application blocking programs, this is literally the best.

Now, I’m just wondering if I accidentally set it for something higher. Like, maybe 200 words. I feel like I’ve written over 100, but the software hasn’t let me know. It does look to be saving often; every couple of words or so a green ‘SAVED’ flashes on the screen above the title.

But…when the hell am I supposed to be done? I don’t get it. Am I trapped in eternal damnation? Eternal typenation, if you will?

So, here’s some more words for the processor. Just a couple more now. Some more. More. More. More.

Oh, wait. You can click the logo up top to save and exit when you’ve reached your word limit. That’s nice, I kinda had a steam going and probably would have lazied out if I got notified.

Well, I know my next blog post now! Download FORCEdraft for free here. It runs on Windows.

Just be careful, if you’re at work set the word limit low. You won’t be able to do anything else!

EDIT: It turns out you can exit if you know a specific key combination. This can be blocked, but you need to set up one more piece of software to do so. If you don’t know the combination, I won’t spoil it for you here! But if you do, email me and I’ll send you instructions for adding the second piece to the puzzle.

PS: I set out to write 100 words. I got my momentum going, and very quickly reached 400 without realizing it! If you do any writing, this tool is a keeper.